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We're getting regular deliveries of new Toyota inventory. Chances are, what you're looking for is on its way. Whether you need a car, want a car, or have to replace a leased vehicle, at Jim Shorkey Toyota you have options. Options and solutions are just a phone call away.

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As if the chip shortage wasn't enough of a roadblock, supply chain and transportation shortages are affecting inventories of almost everything - vehicles, electronics, appliances, building materials, and even food items.

When it comes to your vehicle needs, we've got your back - Jim Shorkey Toyota.

  1. We're working diligently with Toyota production to make sure we're getting the best product.
  2. We monitor production and what's coming our way.
  3. We're alerted with Toyota production schedule updates. If the Toyota you're looking for has a "build" date, we can help make it yours.

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