To say the least, the worldwide shortage of semiconductors is frustrating. The chip industry can't keep up with demand. And now with Covid-19 hotspots in Southeast Asia, supplies of other components are being interrupted. Which means Jim Shorkey Toyota and every other dealer have less to offer.
Customers need or want new vehicles and can't find them.

Jim Shorkey Toyota can help.

We're managing our inventory to maximize availability.
While you won't find as many cars on our lot, you will find every model represented
We're tapped into distribution.
We keep close tabs on what's being built, what's allocated to us, and what's about to come our way. So, if you don't see a particular model or color on our website, it's likely on its way to us.
Unlike most dealers, we're sharing Toyota's production schedule with our customers. If the Toyota you're looking for has a "build" date, we can help you build it your way!

Whether you need a car, want a car, or have to replace a leased vehicle, at Jim Shorkey Toyota you have options.


Every passenger vehicle needs upward of 200 chips. Every. Vehicle. Just a few of which are shown in this diagram. So, the auto industry alone accounts for roughly 16 billion of the 700+ billion computer chips made each year.


Blame it on the pandemic. Sort of. That's what started it. Manufacturing facilities closed down. The next domino to fall was an epic surge in demand - computers, gaming systems, appliances. We were all shut in at home looking for things to do. Short supply became a major backlog. Companies who supply the materials to chip makers were slower to come back online than the chip makers. And now, as if the backlog wasn't enough, chips control warehousing and distribution, too. So getting chips manufactured is only half the battle.

Light at the end of the tunnel. Supply is coming back! Demand is evening out.


Toyota is a great company. With production down, Toyota still maintains 100% employment.
Employees are paid to do volunteer/charity work, attend classes and seminars, and even stay healthy with fitness training at all Toyota plants. It's a people-first mentality at Toyota. Just like ours at Jim Shorkey Toyota.

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